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The amazing Audi R8 wallpapers has car lovers astounded by the sleek design along with the powerful setup of this car based on a race car concept vehicle. The Audi R8 is built with a longitudinally mounted mid-engine along with the patented Audi quattro four wheel drive system. The car is assembled in Germany being built by the high performance wing of Audi known as quattro GmbH.

The car is built differently and around different ideals than any other car relying on whats known as the Audi Space Frame. The car's concept came from the Audi Le Mans quattro and comes in a 2 door coupoe or 2 door convertible design. Two motors are available - 4.2l or a whopping 5.2l v-10 motor. The new 4.2 version of the car comes standard with some high profile items including 19" 5-arm double spoke aluminum wheels which the manufacturer made to work with the high performance car. Along with the wheels are xenon headlights with LED daytime running lamps. Most people already know the signature headlight that Audi is famous for and the additional xenon headlamps add to the style and functionality of the car.

One impressive unique feature of the Audi R8 is their magnetic ride which works with the fluid of the vehicle. With a user controlled button, the driver can control normal and sport mode which alerts the vehicle and controls electromagnetically. Add suede like leather seats to make this a truly one of a kind ride.

These vehicles are not for those without much money as Audi R8 invoices top the six figure mark depending on the configuration. Entry level is at $114,200 with prices hitting more than $150,000 for the 5.2 model with automatic transmission.

New Audi R8 wallpapers and pictures from members. These Audi R8 wallpapers show this mid engine car made by Audi engineers. The car was made public in 2006 at auto shows across the globe. The Audi R8 pictures might look similar to another top car known as the Gallardo since these cars share the same chassis. The Gallardo is made by Lamborghini which Audi is the owner.

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